QMC COLLOQUIUM: Rahul Sharma, Cornell

QMC Condensed Matter Colloquium
02.27.2020 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Room 1201 of the John S. Toll Building


Speaker: Rahul Sharma
Title: Momentum Resolved Superconducting Energy Gaps of Sr 2 RuO 4 using SI-STM
Sr 2 RuO 4 has been a focus of research since past 25 years for the possibility of correlated topological
superconductivity. The key to superconducting order parameter lies with the momentum space
structure of superconducting gap on each band i. Because the energy scales are so low, it has never
been possible to measure the of Sr 2 RuO 4 . We have used millikelvin spectroscopic-imaging scanning
tunneling microscopy (SI-STM), a technique capable of measuring for multiband superconductors
with high precision to study superconducting state of Sr 2 RuO 4 . At T=90mK, we visualize a set of
Bogoliubov scattering interference wavevectors consistent with gap nodes/minima, that are all
closely aligned to the crystal-lattice directions on both the α- and β-bands. Taking these
observations in combination with other very recent advances in theory and experiments, the BQPI
signature of Sr 2 RuO 4 appears most consistent with having symmetry.
Host: J. Paglione

Meeting Schedule 
Refreshments 1:30pm John S Toll Physics Bldg Room 1117. Please bring a reusable coffee mug.

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