Effective July 1, 2017, the fee structure for use of QMC Central Facilities:

On-campus users:  $150/day, to a maximum of $600 per user per quarter (Quarters are 1 Jan. - 31 Mar., 1 Apr. - 30 June, 1 July - 30 Sept., 1 Oct. - 31 Dec.)

On-campus users include (but are not limited to) all graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who have card-key access to QMC Central Facilities. With the approval of a QMC member or affiliate, the fee for undergraduate researchers will be waived. The daily use fee is designed to recoup the expenses associated with the training and supervision by staff of occasional users. 

Off-campus users: $750/day, no maximum (long-term use agreements can be negotiated, depending on availability, application and feasibility).


Before using QMC Central Facilities, potential users must:

1) Contact facilities supervisor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (301-405-6131) for approval and scheduling,

2) Supply a UMD (KFS) account number or billing information for facilities charges (KFS number should be billable for the work performed in the central facility for the period of time billed),

3) Read the QMC facilities standard operating procedures document and sign the log, and

4) Be supervised by, or trained and approved by, the facility super-user or by QMC staff. Regular QMC users will in most cases be able to operate facilities unsupervised after training and approval by staff.

All QMC Central Facilities users are required to attend the annual Laboratory Safety meeting (typically held in June).