• QMC Researcher Sheng Ran Unboxes New Spin-Triplet Superconductor

    Check out NIST's Taking Measure: Just a Standard Blog where QMC researcher Dr. Sheng Ran's details the surprizes uncovered during the discovery of the spin-triplet superconductivity in UTe2. 
  • Unprecedented Re-entrant Superconductivity

    A collaboration between QMC, NIST and the National High Magnetic Field Lab (NHMFL) has produced evidence for a rare phenomenon called re-entrant superconductivity in the material uranium ditelluride, a nearly
  • 2019 Quantum Materials Symposium

    QMC is hosting a one-day symposium focusing on quantum materials research, bringing together researchers from the Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Materials Science and
  • Exotic Actinide Superconductor Discovered

    A collaboration between the NIST Center for Neutron Research and QMC has led to a novel discovery of a new spin-triplet superconducting phase in the actinide compound UTe2. Discovered by
  • 1
  • Hot electron measurements below 100 mK for quantum devices
    Z Steffen, S Dutta, R Zhang, Y Huang, K Li… - Bulletin of the American …, 2020 - APS
    6 days ago -  … Wellstood, and BS Palmer, Journal of Applied Physics 121, 224501 (2017); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.4984894. *FC Wellstood and SK Dutta were supported by the Maryland Quantum Materials Center and the Joint Quantum Institute …
  • T1 of transmons with electrodes that have different gaps.
    K Li, F Wellstood, C Lobb, S Dutta, R Zhang… - Bulletin of the American …, 2020 - APS
    6 days ago -  … and extracted the energy gap and the density of the non-equilibrium quasiparticles. * This work was supported by the Maryland Quantum Materials Center, the Joint Quantum Institute, and the Laboratory for Physical Sciences …

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Contact Info

QMC is an interdisciplinary research center located in the Department of Physics
at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Director: Johnpierre Paglione

Phone: 301.405.8285
Fax: 301.405.3779
Email: qmc@umd.edu

A Message from the Director

JP coverThe Maryland Quantum Materials Center supports cutting-edge experimental research in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland. Including a diverse range of faculty, research scientists, graduate and undergraduate students, QMC researchers are working on topics ranging from the search for new quantum materials to the design of new electronic devices that work on new physical principles.

The research done today in QMC will have an impact on the technological challenges of tomorrow, from high-speed computing to energy generation, storage, and transfer. QMC provides an exciting, collaborative environment for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to receive excellent training for careers in science and technology. Please take a look at the rest of this website to find out more about our exciting center!

--Johnpierre Paglione, Director