Physics 838 Graduate Student Seminar

In 1990, a seminar was initiated for QMC (formerly CNAM/CSR) graduate students in order to present their research to the other students, postdocs, and faculty in the Center. In addition to fostering a rich, collaborative environment in which students learn about the breadth and scope of research being done in QMC, the idea of this series is to teach several crucial skills to our students:

1) How to present their research in a clear and time-efficient way to an audience that was not expert in their area of research;

2) How to best answer questions during their presentations;

3) How to ask good questions when in an audience (or interview), in particular about research beyond their own narrow PhD topic.

In this seminar, students submit formalized feedback to each weekly presenter, providing informative information about presentation style, research content and tips for improvement.

Best Speaker Awards

At the end of each term, a cash prize award is given for the best student and postdoc presentations based on class feedback scores. Previous winners are listed here:

2020 (fall) Shukai Ma 

2019 (spring) Rui Zhang (student), Tarapada Sarkar (postdoc)

2018 (fall) Chris Eckberg (student), Jen-Hao Yeh (postdoc)

2015 Paul Syers, Jasper Drisko

2014 Sean Fackler, Paul Syers,

2013 Kevin Kirshenbaum, Kirsten Burson

2012 Baladitya Suri, Kristen Burson

2011 (fall) Sergii Pershoguba, Ted Thorbeck

2011 (spring) Anirban Gangopadhyay, Baladitya Suri

2010 (fall) Christian J. Long, Tomasz M. Kott

2010 (spring) Tomasz M. Kott, Kevin Kirshenbaum

2009 (fall) Arun Luykx, Jen-Hao Yeh

PHYS838C Seminar:

Physics 838 Seminar
01.31.2022 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Toll Physics Rm 1201


Introduction: PHYS838C Seminar - Spring 2022

While we will continue to use this course primarily as a means for students and postdocs to both practice scientific presentations and share and discuss their research projects with others in the center, we will also continue to include "CAREER" talks for the benefit of junior researchers. For these, we will bring in prominent scientists from academia, national labs, funding agencies and industry to talk about their career path, give advice and answer any questions students and postdocs may have. This will be a great opportunity for juniors to ponder career choices and better understand the road ahead of them!

In-Person Location: Toll Physics Room # 1201
Time: 4pm -5:30pm

Zoom LInk: