The Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Winter School, held annually at the University of Maryland, brings together senior and junior scientists to address topics at the forefront of current research into quantum materials. This newly released text -- put together by QMC faculty Paglione, Butch and Rodriguez -- brings together our lecturers most important ideas, practices and techniques in order to share their expertise with a broader audience, resulting in a modern compilation of fundamental and practical guides on the modern methods of quantum materials synthesis. Available now!

January 2021
Pages: 276







  • Introduction to the Synthesis of Quantum Materials: Some General Guidelines and A Few Tricks
  • Chemical Bonding and Structural Relationships in Extended Solids
  • Solution Growth of Intermetallic Single Crystals
  • Vapor Transport Growth of van der Waals Magnets
  • Induction Furnace Heating for Growth of Intermetallic Quantum Materials
  • Hydrothermal Synthesis and Crystal Growth
  • Floating Zone Crystal Growth
  • High-Throughput Methods in Superconductivity Research
  • Engineering Epitaxial Superconductor-Semiconductor Heterostructures Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  • High-Pressure Synthesis Approaches to Quantum Materials
  • Future Directions in Quantum Materials Synthesis